Football blog rankings: coverage kings & growth winners offer the best business platforms

The second half of the 2019/20 football season casts its spell over millions of football fans in Germany – in the 1st Bundesliga as well as the 2nd and 3rd leagues! The desire of those interested in football and fans for information, entertainment and sensations is not only served by TV stations, streaming providers, the new media and the club’s own communication channels. More and more, the football blogs that arose from the love of football fans have established themselves as valued content providers. Its great popularity with fans has also led to blogs being used as an attractive online marketing platform – regardless of whether they were founded and shaped by pure supporters, hobby writers, sports journalists or editorial teams.

That’s why we at web-netz sports activated our blogger radar again after  2017 ,  2018  and 2019 and determined the current status. We show the results in two top 10 rankings with Germany’s football blogs with the highest reach and the top 3 ranking of the fastest growing blogs. Blogs were rated that are each dedicated to a Bundesliga club and whose strong response can be measured in digital reach via visits to the blog website. And as on the lawn, the same applies to the rankings: Newcomers and relegators as well as new blog boomers shape the blogger business. In addition, as in the DFB Cup, there are also sensational results in the blog battle.

Stormy north: Ironically, the two worst rivals from the North Club, second division Hamburger SV and first division Werder Bremen , storm into the national top 3 of the football blogs with the greatest reach. Both blogs have a strong editorial team. The people of Bremen rely on the sports journalists of the district newspaper, the HSV blog on the professionals of the Hamburger Morgenpost. The fact that the “MOPO” now also has a much sought-after blog for the second division FC St. Pauli underlines the extraordinary enthusiasm for football in the Hamburg metropolitan regionhas hung up. Derby dynamite fires the hearts of the fans in a variety of ways: And HSV as the center in the middle: once in a direct duel with the Kiezklub in the 2nd division, once in spe in the coming 2020/21 season against Werder Bremen – if the Hamburg hopes for promotion are as well rise like the hopes of not relegation from Bremen. Regardless of this, Frederik Ahrens , head of sports at Hamburg’s “MOPO”, has two reasons to cheer:

“We as the MOPO sports editorial team are very happy that we were able to defend our title. The HSV24 blog, which we launched in 2015, was a matter close to our hearts from day one. After five years we have a considerable fan base that would not find a place in any German stadium on this scale. We would never have expected this success. The numbers and the award are of course no reason for us to rest on them. On the contrary. This award is an enormous motivation to improve even further, especially against the background of the secure future of MOPO, so that we can meet the needs of the fans and users of our blog. Incidentally, this has also been true of the StPauli24 blog for a year, which draws more and more people under its spell and with which we have just achieved a new reach record on February 15, 2020. “

With 205,000 visits on a monthly average between August 2019 and January 2020, the blog dedicated to the Kiezkickers is enjoying increasing feedback and in the first year of its foundation it climbed into the top 10 of the football blogs with the highest reach in Germany.

Reach on the Rhine and awareness on the Alster

A lot of attention is being paid to several blogs on the Alster for Hamburger SV as an object of desire for football fans. The football enthusiasm for HSV binds Germany’s blog with the widest reach from the publishing house Dumont . And how: With an average of 2.43 million visits per month, is enthroned with a huge reach over the other blogs, for example with a good million more monthly visits than with the publishing company for the daily newspaper “Kreiszeitung” in the back. But also around sports journalist Marcus Scholzhas firmly established itself in the top 10 football blogs, now also with a multi-channel service. And the top 10 ranking below without publisher support or subdomain blogs even lets a third blog with HSV devotion storm into the top 10 table: . Reach on the Rhine is extremely focused in the blog scene on 1. FC Köln and hardly on Fortuna. With and , two high-reach blogs are dedicated to the Cologne kick scene. Up to now, the by- rival Fortuna Düsseldorf has not electrified any bloggers even remotely as much, so that far and wide no F95 sympathetic blog is within reach.

Palatinate people rush productively into the phalanx

In the midst of the duel between the northern clubs between the Elbe and the Weser, a football fire from the third division blazes – and blazes: Nomen est omen true is the blog name that is passionately dedicated to 1. FC Kaiserslautern, who is burning .de : As the blog with the widest reach without a publishing house behind you, FCK fans are on fire for their favorite blog. In addition to 1,640,000 visits per month on average, this is also underlined by these social media figures: 16,800 Instagram followers and 43,905 Facebook subscribers. On the ears there has also been an accompanying podcast since 2014 .

When asked about the secret of success , the blogger team around Thomas Hilmes replied :

“That is a question that we ask ourselves again and again and cannot answer down to the last detail. But where one comes across again and again with the answer is the subject of passion, in two respects: We apply journalistic standards to our work, but at the same time we also put our energy into it as fans. And these two cornerstones also honor our readers, who, even as positively crazy FCK fans, absorb every little thing about their club and bring a very high level of loyalty. It is also always important to remain authentic. “

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