Players helped the Club by the Jersey Sales

Football is a sport which is followed by many people around the world. There are fans who support their club belonging to different countries. Fans have been a major part of each club as they are the ones who help them generate revenue. When a club signs a new player from a different club makes the fans very attentive. If it is a star player or a world-class player joining them, it makes the fans go crazy. The fans willingly buy the jerseys of the new player which in return helps the club to generate an extra income. We will dig on the revenue generated by the clubs from the sales of jerseys of two of the greatest players in this sport.

Lionel Messi

Messi is known as one of the best players to grace this sport with his presence. Messi was a Barcelona player from a very young age. He trained with them and then made his way to the main team. He served Barcelona for more than 15 years. He has achieved great success in the football world. Recently after his contract expired with Barcelona he joined PSG on a free transfer. This not only made the PSG fans but also the whole world go crazy.

Since PSG made the announcement of the arrival of Messi, his jersey’s sales graph started to go north. In the first few minutes, PSG generated an income of €23.7 million by the sales of Messi’s jersey. The first 1,50,000 jerseys were sold in seven minutes. In the period of 24 hours, they sold 8,32,000 jerseys which also broke the record of Ronaldo’s jersey sales when he joined Juventus from Real Madrid in 2018.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Obviously this article consists of a fight between Ronaldo and Messi just like in Football. Ronaldo not only once but twice made record sales for his jerseys. Firstly when he made a move from Real Madrid to Juventus in 2018 had a huge impact on the Juve fans and also CR7 fans. It was a shocking move for the sporting world but was useful for Juventus. Juventus saw sales of 5,20,00 Ronaldo’s jerseys in the first 24 hours which then made a record in sales of jerseys in 2018.

This season when he announced that he will be playing with United for that too with the lucky number 7 behind his jersey made the fans wild. Being the most followed club in the whole world it was pretty much obvious that his jerseys will be in high demand. Within a few hours, it broke the record of top-selling merchandise via online mode. In the first 12 hours, the sales of CR7’s jersey generated an insane income of $45 million. Within the period of 24 hours, the figure went to $60 million. This broke all the records, even of Messi’s. It is known that United have regained the amount which they paid to Juventus for Ronaldo’s transfer.

Vishal Patra

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