The greatest Premier League kits of all time

The Premier League is simply the greatest league in the whole wide world, and not only in football, but in all of sports.

And we are not just speaking out of hearts and emotions, we do have credible hardcore evidence to support our claim.

The EPL enjoys a cult following across the globe and is the most-watched football league in the world, which is being broadcasted in over 212 territories to over 643 million homes as well as a potential TV audience of over 4.7 billion viewers.

It propels because it’s so pleasing to the eye!

The players are good, managers even better, the commentary is excellent and the grass seems to appear a lot greener for some reason!

The Premier League is bright, fresh, full of color and there never seems to be a dull moment!

Even the kits are a lot more colorful and full of life compared to those seen in other leagues!

Speaking of kits, it’s one of those aspects that make the Premier League visually appealing, they add that extra element of liveliness to the league which makes it stand out.

So, here is a list of the greatest Premier League kits of all time, that has helped to make the Premier League even more colorful!

Manchester City, home, 1993-95

With this one, Umbro hit the nail on the head.

City struggled in the Premier League, but they did so in a kit that is still one of their greatest. It immediately achieved cult status outside of football when the Gallagher brothers wore it.

It was a sky-blue effort with a minimal collar and decoration on the sleeves.

Blackburn Rovers, home, 1994-96

Blackburn’s halved shirts are instantly recognizable in English football, and the year they won the Premier League also happens to be the year they wore their best shirt. Even a massive McEwan’s Lager logo complements the design nicely.

On the sleeve, Latin, huge collars, and buttons – buttons! What’s not to love about this?

Liverpool, home, 1993-95

Liverpool headed to the field in their Adidas EQT-themed home uniform, which was red, white, and a touch green, with a ridiculous neckline, silly stripes all over, and an unnecessarily baggy fit.

It’s simply wonderful and deserves to be respected by non-Liverpool fans all across the world.

Manchester United, home, 1994-96

The replacement for United’s weird lace-up white-collar effort — a shirt that won the club’s first two Premier Leagues but made Steve Bruce appear like he was prancing around in a medieval ruff.

The black V-neck was considerably cooler: it was the definitive outfit for Cantona’s famed collar-popping – and Umbro’s designers even managed to include a picture of Old Trafford into the shirt. Cosmic.

Newcastle, home, 1995-97

Newcastle has the greatest Premier League kit ever, with daft Adidas stripes on the arms, an arrogant button-up round neck, and that Newcastle Brown Ale sponsor.

Failure to win the league in this kit should have relegated it to the hall of shame, but it’s simply too good for that. Its beauty may be appreciated by neutrals everywhere, as well as Manchester United fans who have managed to grab the Premier League away from them.

varun gandhi

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