The Tottenham Hotspurs miracle of Champions League

Miracles happen once in a blue moon they say, but that blue moon rose, again, again, and again for Mauricio Pochettino’s side. In what was an exhilarating Champions League Campaign of 18/19 for the North Londoners.

First, they barely escaped the group stage and made it to the Round of 16. Then they went on to defeat Borussia Dortmund to advance to the quarter-final stage.

This is when Mauricio Pochettino started believing in God.


Stacked up against Pep’s Manchester City, the odds were heavily against the London boys. Despite that, they won the first leg at home winning 1-0. But the real suspense-thriller blockbuster was going to air a fortnight later at the Etihad Stadium.

Manchester City went 3-2 up in the first 20 min of the second leg. The game was frantic and anything was possible. A 59th min goal from Sergio Aguero meant City would go through, but Spurs Equalised on the 73rd min in terms of the aggregate scoreline.

A late, late Raheem Sterling goal sent the Etihad into Euphoria but 15 seconds later VAR intervened. The Etihad from being absolute joyous went into such suspense that someone’s life was on the line.

Another 15 seconds later, the wonder that is technology displayed the words on the giant screen, “NO GOAL – OFFSIDE”. The Etihad was devasted. Tottenham Hotspurs could not believe, they did the unthinkable.

In 60 seconds, in just 60 seconds the Etihad experienced every feeling a human being can feel.

this time, the blue moon rose for Tottenham, this time the blue moon rose and saw, not Manchester City, but Tottenham standing alone without a dream in their heart.

Pep eliminated; Manchester City eliminated; Tottenham advance.


Nobody would have predicted that Ajax would face Tottenham in one of the tournament’s semi-finals. But that is precisely what occurred.

It was the battle of the underdogs.

Tottenham hotspurs who were still recovering from the adrenaline rush of the last game were now in the semi-finals of Europe’s biggest club competition.

The first leg finished, with Ajax Winning 1-0 in London. A fortnight and 35 min later Ajax triple their lead to 3-0. Tottenham Hotspurs now left with only 55 min to do something.

Now after the miracle at the Etihad, Tottenham surely would have thought they have used all their luck and good karma. They surely would have thought there won’t be any more room for another miracle.

Lucas Moura thought otherwise.

Lucas Moura for a Kane-less Tottenham scores twice to get Tottenham back in the contest. But all hope seemed to be lost as the game entered stoppage time and the scoreline read – 3-2 in favor of Ajax.

In what was the last attack of the match, Lucas Moura completed his hattrick, scored a 96 min equalizer sending Tottenham Hotspurs in their first-ever Champions League final.

Amsterdam is regarded for being a happy location for visitors, and it confirmed that notion yet again on its football pitch at the Johan Cruyff Arena.

Tottenham wins the battle of underdogs. Mauricio Pochettino, on his knees at the touchline.


Tottenham Hotspur after years and years of disappointment was ready to dream once again, on what could be.

Tottenham in the Champions League final was pitted off against a familiar foe from the country, Liverpool. Who themselves overturned a 3-0 deficit and won against Lionel Messi’s Barcelona by 4-3. (that’s another story in itself)

Magic of Anfield on a European night was prevalent, once more.

The finals ended in a dull 2-0 defeat for Tottenham. After all that drama, Tottenham characteristically went trophyless again.

The 2018/19 Champions League campaign is perhaps the best ever. With so much drama, thrillers, and upsets, it far surpassed everyone’s expectations, and so did Tottenham.

The finals would hurt but in retrospect, Tottenham fans can be extremely proud of what this team achieved.

With Antonio Conte at the helm, the North Londoners can only hope that he overcomes Tottenham’s jinx and leads them to their long-overdue glory!

varun gandhi

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